Blissful Massage in Nelson

Take time out for yourself at my Nelson massage studio. Experience the magic and relaxation of massage therapy. Leave feeling nourished and rested.

With over 15 years of experience in therapeutic massage and bodywork, I have developed an intuitive and nurturing style of massage. I bring a deeper sense of awareness, presence and care into my work.

Through gentle but firm touch, I encourage ease and deep relaxation, providing you with an opportunity to receive all that your body needs and to let go of tension and stress. Read about benefits of massage...

'Akiaki te tī o te tangata'
- Nurture the indescribable light in a person

client enjoying relaxing massage in nelson with Marcia Montgomery

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Blissful! Blissful Blissful!

Marcia has immense beauty, gentleness and  warmth. Marcia is also a body whisperer. She is incredible at touching me in just the right way. I peel off layers of stress easily and am left feeling radiant.

I wish all my friends and loved ones the opportunity to visit Marcia.


Available Nelson massage and bodywork treatments

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is based on Swedish Massage techniques including Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage as well as Relaxation Massage. This massage treatment covers the main areas of the body including back, neck, head, arms, legs and feet. It involves using a range of pressure with aromatherapy oils to ease muscle tension and pain by smoothing knotted muscle fibres and improving circulation to the muscles and nerves.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is a holistic form of massage that balances and connects the whole body through releasing tension and blocks, and improving overall circulation.  Relaxing massage is about blissing out, letting go and allowing an opportunity to release tension and stress. Choose deep or light pressure according to your liking. With Relaxation massage, this is time for yourself. Expect to be nurtured and leave feeling rejuvenated and more connected to yourself again.

Holistic Pulsing

Holistic Pulsing is a gentle relaxing rhythmic bodywork that involves rocking the body with its own momentum to create balance and release blockages. Holistic pulsing particularly resonates with the water element in our body and is therefore very cleansing to our circulation. It's also deeply nourishing to the nervous system, allowing a deep release of tension and naturally aligning the spine.

Soulful Massage

Soulful massage addresses the deeper needs that our soul is asking for to help our body, heart and mind to be more aligned in our lives. With prayer and intention before the massage, and a willingness to receive guidance and help, we can access this greater wisdom and allow attunement within the body. Soulful massages incorporates relaxing and therapeutic massage techniques, specially tailored to your individual body's needs.

Energy Balancing

Energy balancing is a relaxing and more subtle form of bodywork involving connection and alignment to the cranialsacral fluid that nourishes the cranium, spine and nervous system. It also looks at circulation and flow of energy through the whole body, particularly observing blockages or areas of congestion. Through the session my hands are gently held around the body at the head, neck, joints and feet, or gently rocking you to encourage attention to these areas and to allow the release of blockages or trauma held in the cellular memory.

Romiromi traditional Māori healing

Romiromi is a traditional Māori form of deep tissue bodywork using pressure points over clothes, both front and back of the body including the abdomen. Our breath is used to deeply cleanse and release toxins at a cellular and spiritual level. With respect to Māori Tikanga we honour the ancestors, the earth and elements, and our family as we clear old patterns and energy that are ready to be released. Allow 2 hours.
Read more about romiromi...


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Marcia's Nelson massage studio is located in the heart of the city at Balance, Buxton Square, upstairs in Farmers Arcade (entrance next to Mister Minit), Central Nelson, NZ.

Appointments can be booked directly online or by phone
Mobile: 021 185 0396
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Massage Prices

90 min $130
60 min $90
45 min $70
30 min $50


Special rates are available for regular bookings ~ please ask at your appointment.

Payments can be made by Cash or Internet banking. Payments are due on day of visit.

Any appointment changes or cancellations are accepted 24 hours prior to booking.

Great massage and amazing therapist... Marcia is able to get to the core of the physical problem and help with effective solutions.