About Marcia Montgomery

Diploma in Naturopathy
Diploma in Herbal Medicine
Certificate of Relaxation Massage
Certificate of Rongoā Māori 2

Marcia provides Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork treatments at Balance, located in Buxton Carpark, Farmers Arcade (level 1), Nelson Central. She also facilitates local Wilderness Walks and Nature Sense to provide an opportunity to slow down, connect with nature and ourselves, as well as learn about medicinal herbs that can be used for our everyday health.

Marcia gained her diplomas from Wellpark College in Auckland in 2005 with a Double Diploma of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine including a Certificate of Relaxation Massage and Rongoā Māori 2.

Born in Auckland and raised in England, Marcia had the good fortune to be brought up by parents who believed in natural medicine. Her father, Dr Lambert Mount, was a Doctor, Homeopath and Naturopath, providing Marcia from a young age with the inspiration to discover her passion in the field of natural health.

Through loving and spiritually open parents, Marcia was supported on her own path to discovering oneness and a deeper connection to our divine source. She joined Subud (Susilabudhidharma), and practices the latihan kejiwaan, a practice that guides and supports us to stay present and connected.

Marcia Montgomery, massage therapist, standing in front of a Tarata Lemonwood

Philosophy and Practice

Vibrancy, Freedom, Simplicity

I offer a supportive and caring environment for you to feel safe and held, so you can gently reconnect to yourself. My intention is to help you gain awareness and understanding of your deeper needs. Through acceptance and love, we can allow healing and transformation to occur.

'Akiaki te tī o te tangata'
- Nurture the indescribable light in a person


Career and Interests

Her Naturopathic career began after moving to Nelson in 2006. Marcia could be heard on Fresh FMs early morning breakfast show with Matt Lawrey offering insightful information on various health topics. She worked as a Body Therapist at Enriching Day Spa providing beauty therapy and massage therapy packages. Marcia then established a busy Naturopathic and Massage practice from Bodywise Natural Health for 5 years as well as providing health advice in the shop.

Marcia has since developed an extensive knowledge base within her self-employed massage therapy and bodywork practice and offers over 20 years of experience in helping people in many aspects of their health and wellbeing.

More recently, Marcia has been specialising in Energy Balancing and Emotional Release Therapy, as well as developing her skills in Te Reo Māori, Rongoā Māori Mirimiri and Romiromi. Through building her mātauranga and knowledge base, Marcia can bring a variety of bodywork tools to the table to support the client with their unique healing journey.

Her passions include being out in nature and fresh air, and enjoys running, mountain biking and swimming. Marcia can often be found bush walking in beautiful places, and gathering a few native herbs along the way.

Marcia enjoys living in wonderful Whakatū, Nelson with her husband Brendyn and two children Niamh and Féilim.